Wind Energy

Renewable energy projects that benefit our community.

Years of Experience

Naveco Power has been involved in the development of wind farm proposals since 2016. These proposals range from small scale (10 megawatts – 50 megawatts) to large scale projects ranging anywhere from 20 megawatts to over 100 megawatts.

Naveco is the first and only local utility-scale developer in the province of New Brunswick

Renewable Energy


​Capacity 40 MW

Naveco Power has submitted a formal proposal for a wind project in Southern New Brunswick.

Renewable Energy

​Continued Research

​Capacity 200 MW

​Naveco Power ​was involved in a bidding process for 200 MW of wind in New Brunswick. We're doing continued research on the potential project.

Renewable Energy

​Wind Proposal

​Capacity 20 MW

​Naveco Power has submitted a formal proposal for a wind project in Northern New Brunswick.

Chaleur Ventus

Naveco Power secured a 30 year Power Purchase Agreement under NB Power's Locally Owned Small-Scale program (LORESS.) The Chaleur Ventus Wind Farm will be located in the northern part of the province in Anse-Bleue.

We continue to work with local partners, landowners, and our aboriginal communities to ensure that we provide made-in-New Brunswick solutions which benefit our stakeholders, shareholders, economy, and the environment.

How Noisy is a turbine?

A turbine is approximately 60 (dBA), meaning you could easily have a conversation with a friend at the base of a windmill.

Will a wind farm decrease my property value?

Unlikely. Studies have shown that property values within a wind farm viewshed rose quicker than in comparable communities outside of the viewshed.

Will the turbine affect birds?

Bird mortality due to wind turbines is very rare.

What is the setback distance?

The setback distance will be set by municipal bylaw ensuring that noise does not exceed 40 (dBA), allowing people to get a restful night sleep.

What is the life Span OF A turbine?

The turbines being installed will have a lifespan of 20-30 years and will be properly maintained by the manufacturer who will hire and train locals.


Strict Environmental Impact Assessments are performed in all areas before, during, and after construction of such wind farms.

Wind Energy

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