Wind Energy

​New Brunswickers have the right
to clean and affordable energy.

Naveco Power has been involved in the development of wind farm proposals since 2016. These proposals range from small scale (10 megawatts – 50 megawatts) to large scale projects ranging anywhere from 20 megawatts to over 100 megawatts.

​We continue to work with local partners, landowners, and our aboriginal communities to ensure that we provide made-in-New Brunswick solutions which benefit our stakeholders, shareholders, economy, and the environment.

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​You have the right to clean and affordable ​energy

We offer a free guide designed to provide pain free options to save for your future while investing in renewable energy.

​This offering may be a high risk investment. It is open only to accredited investors, through a person authorized to sell the eligible shares. This offering is an exempt offering of shares available to residents of NB. Investors should seek professional advice regarding their personal situation before making an investment decision. Naveco Power nor Naveco Power Investments are professional advisors. Please read the Subscription Agreement, Risk Statement and Disclosure documents prior to subscribing.
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