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Naveco offers an innovative solution for utilities to leverage the private sector to increase renewable energy, and increase their own revenue.

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Naveco will provide professional education about financing and bring in financial incentives.

Provide services

Naveco will provide engineering services from design to equipment specifications.

Energy savings

Naveco guarantees performance and energy savings.

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Did you know that for every MW of solar installed, it will offset 1,130 tons of CO2? That's almost 84,000 Imp. Gallons each year!

Solar + Storage Benefits

Greater Efficiency

Storage can provide greater efficiency, and reduce generation variability.

Lower Demand Costs

When storage is added on, it eliminated high peaks of demand charges,

Short Payback Period

Turn-key leasing solution with a payback period of 5-10 years.

High Stability

Storage can reduce the load on T&D equipment, and provide higher grid stability.

Your Path To Revenue!

Here are the steps to earning revenue through your distribution customers by offering solar leasing opportunities:

  1. Utility created solar lease program for customers
  2. Customers pay for their solar energy through money saved on their energy bill
  3. The solar project is complete
  4. Customers continue to save on their energy bill
  5. The utility earns revenue

How does leasing solar with Naveco work for a utility customer?

The Agreement

The customer can reduce operating costs, transfer risk, with lower upfront capital expenditures.


During the lease, customers will notice significant energy savings with the reduction elimination of fuel.


Pay back the project with funds received through energy savings on the utility bill during the lease period.

keep saving

When complete, the customer will still be thriving off the savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn't solar use a lot of space?

By using the leasing option, a utility can provide solar leasing opportunities on rooftops, rather than using land,

What about a shrinking base rate?

Your utility can be part of the team offering solutions your customers want. People want and like simplicity.

Can you predict the solar generation day to day?

Predictive analytic tools can tell the system when to expect a reduction in PV generation.

Isn't solar expensive?

Using Naveco's innovative business model, solar can provide guaranteed savings. The compensation is tied to energy savings that are achieved.

Will solar survive disaster storms, such as hurricanes?

The use of storage with the solar energy provides backup power in emergencies. It ensures critical loads are supported during outages,


New Brunswick Owned

Naveco Power is the only local utility-scale renewable energy developer. We believe that New Brunswickers have a right to clean, affordable and reliable energy.

Business Model

Naveco offers cost effective solar solutions with a dependable source of power. This is done through a unique approach of a lease model that can utilize your land, and make you more profitable.

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