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Solar energy projects that provide advantages to our community.

Go Solar with Naveco

Naveco Power proactively undertakes the business modelling and financial analysis to begin solar energy proposal processes.

We offer cost effective solar solutions with a dependable source of power. This is done through a unique approach of a lease model that can provide savings on your energy bill, and make your business more profitable.

What is Solar energy?

This is the energy that is generated from the sun’s rays and is what we like to call a type of renewable energy.

This all becomes possible thanks to an effect called the photovoltaic effect. In order to create this, we do need an energy generator; a solar panel. These solar panels can be mounted on your roof or ground mounted in an empty space of land. 

By using solar power, you can reduce your operational costs, thus reducing your cost of electricity and have a fixed cost for your energy consumption.

Solar + Storage benefits

Energy Security, Resiliency, Reduced Cost, No Hidden Costs.

Solar projects with naveco

The way most solar projects are done is through an upfront purchase. What about those who can't afford the initial high cost? That's where Naveco comes in. Naveco offers an innovative solution to provide energy savings at a lower cost while being a "one-stop-shop" for all of your solar needs.

Free assessments, savings guarantee, turn-key packages, energy savings. 

What are the Advantages of Solar Energy?

There are many different reasons to invest in solar electricity. To help you make an informed decision before you move forward with an investment, here are three advantages of solar energy:


Although there may be daylight variations, the fact that we'll get daylight from the sun for solar power is predictable. Solar energy farms will usually be connected to the grid to avoid the risk of power outages at night or have a battery backup system to increase solar panel efficiency. The sun isn't going to disappear anytime soon, but meanwhile, fossil fuels are depleting.


Solar energy reduces CO2 emissions, which are both natural and human sources of carbon dioxide, and other harmful contributors to global warming and poor air quality. Solar panels do not produce greenhouse gasses. More so, many materials used to create solar panels are recyclable. 


Are you wanting to invest in this industry, but worried about the technology failing, or future maintenance costs? People like to invest in solar power because they, along with other renewable energy technologies, are pretty dependable. Solar panels have no moving parts, which makes solar installation easy and durable.

Naveco Power proactively undertakes the business modelling and financial analysis to begin solar proposal processes.

Proposals may come in the form of power purchase agreements with local utilities, or, through corporate power purchase agreements with large industry and communities around the province.

Are you looking to install a solar project? You can receive a free solar assessment through Naveco!

Are you one of the following?

Projects in Development

School Solar Proposal

Naveco Power is involved in a solar proposal for a school in southern New Brunswick.

Capacity: 100-200 kw

Municipal Feasibility Study

Naveco Power is involved in a solar feasibility study in southern New Brunswick.

Capacity: 100 kw

Commercial Office Building

Naveco Power is involved in a solar proposal for a commercial office building.

Capacity: 50 kw

Naveco Power helps communities who want to improve their energy usage profile without having to invest a mountain of capital doing so. 

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