Receive Income

From Your Land

Did you know that you could host a solar project and receive reliable income? Naveco can make this possible for your land.

solar for landowners

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Naveco offers solar for landowners that provide long-term income by hosting a solar facility on your land. Going solar is an investment, but it doesn't have to be at a steep price. We provide a solar financing option that allows you to save money by lowering your electrical demand, and avoiding any hidden costs. Your lease will be equal to or less than your current electricity bills.

Steps to install solar for landowners

Steps for your farm

 to go solar

Assessment & Proposal

We'll assess the information from your land and create a proposal with the design, size, and solar equipment suited for you. Payments are tailored to be equal or less than what you're currently spending on electricity.

naveco power
Engineering & Construction

Naveco partners with engineers to coordinate an inspection on the ground conditions, working around your schedule. There are no upfront costs required as the project will pay for itself through energy savings.

no upfront cost
Operations & Maintenance

The entire process is turn-key and hands-off. As part of our leasing bundle, Naveco will manage the solar system and provide operations and maintenance.  We provide a "one-stop-shop" for your needs.

Don't know where to start?

Don't know where

 to start?

Start with a free instant quote.

We value our relationships with our land owners, and building that partnership throughout the project lifespan.

We value our relationships with our land owners, and building that partnership throughout the project lifespan.

We value our relationships with our land owners, and building that partnership throughout the project lifespan.

Solar and

storage benefits

solar leasing


This period is quick and lasts only a couple months. Naveco can create screens to hide the system from your view.

Solar + storage lowers the risk in your farm by avoiding downtime. Power lines can be damaged in storms, but solar stays resilient.

solar nb

Environmental Impact

The environment is one of our top priorities. We ensure no harmful byproducts are used and that wildlife is protected.

Ground mount solar systems are safe to have around crops, they’re also a great way to reduce your carbon foot print.

naveco solar

Local Energy

Your land can help deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy to your neighbours and community.

The cost of solar has declined 89% in the past 10 years. Your farm can install solar for equal or less than your current electricity bills.

solar for landowners


Your land will be returned back to its original state. At the end of the project's lifespan the system will be decommissioned and all parts removed. 

Solar panels generally require little maintenance. There's no moving parts, which makes the installation and maintenance simple.

Does your land qualify?

Does your land qualify?

Solar for landowners qualifications:

Outside of wetlands and flood plains

At least seven acres of cleared land

Close to substation or 3-phase power lines

Frequently asked questions


Do I need to put in any work?

Naveco is a one-stop shop. Everything from the planning process to operations and maintenance is covered by us. 

Do I still hold full ownership over my land?

Absolutely. The agreement is like any standard landowner-tenant lease agreement.

What are the benefits to the community?

Aside from the lease income for the landowner, there are many other benefits to the community. Such as job creation during the construction and maintenance of the project, and reducing your community's dependence on fossil fuels.

Will my taxes increase?

Naveco will cover any increase in your taxes that came from the installation of the solar farm.

How will my land be maintained during the contract?

Naveco's operation and maintenance (O&M) team will ensure both the panels and land are take care of. This includes taking care of the weeds or plants on top of the land. The panels themselves require very little maintenance. 

How is the project site determined?

Naveco will work with land owners and their families to determine the best location, while taking into consideration the requirements needed to install the system.

Would I be liable for accidents or injury?

If anything happens on your property due to the construction or operation of the solar farm, you will not be liable.