​Energy Retrofits

Building retrofits aren't a new concept for New Brunswick, but this is the first time the community can benefit from it.

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​Our Retrofit Projects

Renewable Energy

​82 Westmorland Street

​Energy retrofit of the 65,000 square foot office building at the corner of Westmorland and Queen Street in Fredericton. It houses Service New Brunswick, The Federal Court of Canada, The Maritime's Higher Education Commission, Interactive Computer Systems, and Naveco Power.

Why would you invest in a retrofit of a building you don’t even own? Good question.

Answer: It's an investment.

​Not only will you prosper with an 85% tax reduction, but the building will save approximately 50% of their total energy consumed. That's the equivalent of taking 37 cars off the road! 

Currently, the investment is only open to Accredited Investors in

New Brunswick who meet one of the following criteria:

  •  Income: Net income before tax exceeds $200,000 OR net income before tax with that of a spouse exceeds $300,000.
  •  Financial Assets: Own financial assets worth more than $1 million before taxes, but net of related liabilities.
  •  Net assets of at least $5,000,000, including real estate.


Length of Retrofit Process: Six Months

Energy Saved: 2,325 GJ (cutting energy consumption in half!)

CO2 Reduced: 175 tonnes (that's equivalent to almost 37 cars off the road!)

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​This offering may be a high risk investment. It is open only to accredited investors, through a person authorized to sell the eligible shares. This offering is an exempt offering of shares available to residents of NB. Investors should seek professional advice regarding their personal situation before making an investment decision. Naveco Power nor Naveco Power Investments are professional advisors. Please read the Subscription Agreement, Risk Statement and Disclosure documents prior to subscribing.
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