Residential Solar

Reduce your utility bills with the power of the sun.

"Naveco Power designed and managed the installation of a great grid tied solar energy system for our home to supplement and offset much of our electrical consumption. Naveco managed the engineering design, approvals, and construction in a very professional and timely manner."- David Cameron

Solar Energy can provide you with

  • Financial Savings
    Reduce your electrical bill and avoid rising costs.
  • Environmental Change                                  Start reducing your carbon footprint with us. With a 9kW system, you would be able to save aproximately 8,460 lbs of CO2 and plant 81.1 trees.

Our services 

Assesment and Proposal

We'll assess your residence information and create a proposal with the design, size, and solar equipment suited for your home. Solar financing is tailored to be equal to or less than what you're currently spending on electricity.

Engineering & Construction

Naveco partners with engineers to coordinate an inspection on the roof conditions of your building, working around your schedule. There are no upfront costs required as the project will pay for itself through energy savings.

An image of a hammer and a wrench, signifying 'Operations and Maintenance'
Operations & Maintenance

The entire process is turn-key and hands-off. As part of our leasing bundle, Naveco will manage the solar system and provide operations and maintenance.  We provide a "one-stop-shop" for all of your solar needs.

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Solar Installation

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Want to learn more about Solar Energy?

We have a series of blogs that we would love to share with you. Check our different benefits solar energy has to give to your home and your business and the growth of the industry.

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