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What we CAN do FOR YOU

​Innovative Projects

Naveco offers innovative projects for land owners to provide you with long-term income by hosting a solar facility on your land. Be a part of the movement towards a cleaner environment by helping us to generate more clean, reliable and affordable energy.


​Tax reduction

​Naveco will pay the taxes on the land that we lease.

​Reliable income

​Earn a reliable annual long-term income for your land.

​Zero added costs

​No additional costs are required from the landowner.

​No maintenance

Naveco will manage the solar facility and provide O&M.

​You're Not Just a Piece of Land

​We value our relationships with our land owners, and building that partnership throughout the project lifespan. We believe in communication and transparency to make sure everyone involved stays informed.

​The Process


​This period is quick and lasts only a couple months. Naveco can create screens to hide the system from views.

​Environmental Impact

​The environment is one of our top priorities. We ensure no harmful byproducts are used and that wildlife is protected.

​Local Energy

​Your land can help deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy to your community.


​Your land will be returned back to its original state. At the end of the project's lifespan the system will be decommissioned and all parts ​removed. 

Does Your Land Qualify?

​For installing a solar system your land must:

  • ​Be outside of wetlands and floodplains
  • ​Be at least 7 acres of cleared land
  • ​Be in close proximity to a substation or three-phase power line

How does leasing solar with Naveco work?

The Agreement

​A lease is agreement for solar is just like any other lease for your pasture land, or agricultural crops. 


​A fully constructed solar farm sits just a bit lower than a field of corn prior to harvest. Visual impact is important to us. We will take steps to create natural screening such as newly planted trees or shrubs when needed.


​Once built, your land will be the host to providing clean energy to benefit your community and environment.

​end of contract

​Naveco decommissions projects to bring the land back to its original state. You can also opt to extend the lease term by five years, as most top tier panels can last well past 30 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to put in any work?

​Naveco is a one-stop shop. Everything from the planning process to operations and maintenance is covered by us.

Do I still hold full ownership over my land?

​Absolutely. The agreement is like any standard landowner-tenant lease agreement.

What are the benefits to the community?

​Aside from the lease income for the landowner, there are many other benefits to the community. Such as job creation during the construction and maintenance of the project, and reducing your community's dependence on fossil fuels.

Will my taxes increase?

​Naveco will cover any increase in your taxes that came from the installation of the solar farm.

How will my land be maintained during the contract?

​Naveco's operation and maintenance (O&M) team will ensure both the panels and land are take care of. This includes taking care of the weeds or plants on top of the land. The panels themselves require very little maintenance.

How is the project site determined?

​Naveco will work with land owners and their families to determine the best location, while taking into consideration the requirements needed to install the system.

Would I be liable for accidents or injury?

​If anything happens on your property due to the construction or operation of the solar farm, you will not be liable.


​New Brunswick Owned

Naveco Power is the only local utility-scale renewable energy developer. We believe that New Brunswickers have a right to clean, affordable and reliable energy.

​Business Model

Naveco offers cost effective solar solutions with a dependable source of power. This is done through a unique approach of a lease model that can utilize your land, and make you more profitable.

​Your Free Assessment

Enter the details of your land, and a Naveco team member will reach out to you to discuss a potential partnership. 

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