Are you ready to start your investment journey and discover your full potential as our partner in socially responsible impact investing?

Here are just some of the reasons why investing in clean energy projects with us is beneficial not only for your wallet but your community.

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​Save 85% On You Taxes

Our investments are Small Business Investor Tax Credit (SBITC) eligible, providing individual investors a 50% income tax credit which can be applied three years retroactively and seven years into the future. You can also further mitigate your taxes through and RRSP to the highest marginal tax rate (35%.)

New Brunswick

Investor Alignment

Employees and members of our Board of Directors are investors alongside of you. We feel passionate and confident in our projects, so we invest ourselves.

Reduce Taxes

Skillful Management

Each potential project undergoes a strict due diligence process and is approved by the Naveco Power Investments Inc. Board of Directors before being offered as an investment opportunity. 

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We have an independent Board of Directors of people from the community. We review yearly accounting statements and project performance at quarterly meetings and also at our annual general meeting. 

Renewable Energy


Reduce the beta of your financial portfolio while potentially increasing your alpha.

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Measured Carbon Reduction

The environmental impact and benefit shall be measured and verified to ensure compliance with LEED standards (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.) LEED is a rating system used to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation toward sustainable design.

New Brunswick

Competitive Returns

We use the Capital Asset Pricing Model, which describes the relationship between systematic risk and expected return on assets, particularly stocks. Rather than taking the approach of a risk-free rate of return, considering the stability of our stakeholders and project partners makes our returns competitive.

Renewable Energy

​Investment Escrow

​Your investment will be held in escrow until the minimum amount of funds are raised.


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