​42% of your income is spent on taxes,
we can help!

​Naveco Power seeks to maximize both financial returns and social progress. We can provide you with the opportunity of a shared legacy that's 100% NB owned, and contributes to a cleaner energy future for our communities.

You can reduce your taxes by 85%!

​Naveco Power is RRSP eligible. When you invest you will not only receive the 50% Small Business Investors Tax Credit (SBITC,) you can further mitigate your taxes to the highest marginal tax bracket of 35%. Our investment strategy seeks to maximize both financial returns and social progress. These projects will have positive impacts on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and proactively developing opportunities for renewable sources of energy.

​Current Investment Opportunities

​82 Westmorland Street Retrofit

​Naveco Power is retrofitting 82 Westmorland Street,
the 65,000 square foot commercial building located
downtown Fredericton...

What People Are Saying:

Naveco Power is important to me because they have the future of New Brunswick’s environment and economy top of mind. As someone who’s actively teaching my children the value of green living- including the potential of clean energy -Naveco is my real world way to give them a glimpse of their future.

​Bridget Oland -Board Member

When I first joined the Board for Naveco Power I wanted to help the company in providing more local investment opportunities for New Brunswick. I learned quickly that there was more to it than that. Naveco is creating a better economy and environment for generations to come, and that’s what I want for my kids as they grow older.

​Derek Dunn - Board Member

Naveco Power

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​This offering may be a high risk investment. It is open only to accredited investors, through a person authorized to sell the eligible shares. This offering is an exempt offering of shares available to residents of NB. Investors should seek professional advice regarding their personal situation before making an investment decision. Naveco Power nor Naveco Power Investments are professional advisors. Please read the Subscription Agreement, Risk Statement and Disclosure documents prior to subscribing.
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