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Forget Everything You've Heard About The PRICE of Solar

Solar Panels for Less than Your Monthly Power Bill

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"I work in the same building as Naveco Power and they have gone above and beyond in making sure our entire building was retrofitted with energy efficient lighting. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the positive changes they will make in our workspace, community and province!

Katie Bragda


"Naveco Power is an active member in the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. I applaud Naveco Power’s dedication to providing New Brunswick with further development and education in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector."

Krista Ross


"Naveco Power designed and managed the installation of a great grid tied solar energy system for our home to supplement and offset much of our electrical consumption. Naveco managed the engineering design, approvals, and construction in a very professional and timely manner."

David Cameron


How It Works

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By Installing Solar Panels on their roof with us, these New Brunswickers' are saving..

Fredericton Habitat

(Plaster Rock)

Saving $48,814 in 30 Years

3.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions eliminated

Equal to planting 51 trees.

Perry & Joann


Saving $27,236 in 30 years

1.91 tonnes of CO2 emissions eliminated

Equal to planting 28 trees.



Saving $32,901 in 30 years

2.50 tonnes of CO2 emissions eliminated

Equal to planting 37.5 trees.

Environmental Impact

*Based on our home average install in New Brunswick

By installing solar panels on your roof, you are saving the equivalent of...

7,600 gallons of gasoline consumed

8.210,875 number of smartphones charged

25 cars driven for one year

Save on your power bill & save the environment

Naveco Power uses premium panels and inverters that are tested to work in Canada’s environment to provide world -class aesthetics and performance. Our systems include an app that reports panel-level data so you can monitor and manage your PV System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it actually less than my current electrical bill? There must be a catch.

Yes, It is!  Let me explain how. We lease the panels to you with no downpayment. Your monthly lease payments are less than the power you save from going solar. This means it costs less from day 1!


Do I have to go off the grid when I switch to solar energy?

In reality, you probably won’t want to go off grid. The practice is known as “islanding”, or when you connect your solar array to batteries, so you’ll be able to power your home entirely on solar energy instead of using the utility company for power.  The thing is, sometimes it is not the best financial decision for your home.

Each Solar PV System is different.


What happens when it snows?

Solar panels work just fine as the solar panels are in constant heat which melts the snow off. Even in low light or foggy conditions, the panels are able to capture the sun’s energy. 

Will installing solar panels damage my roof?

No, we first check your roof weight and age before recommending an install method. All of our install methods follow best practices and do not cause your roof any harm.

Meet Solar Energy Expert

Oriana Cordido

Solar Expert

Ori is certified with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) as a Solar PV Associate. Recipient of the 2021 Atlantic Canada's 30 under 30 innovators and Recipient of the 2020 TD Clean Prosperity Honorary Award. Ori is responsible for analyzing and developing proposals for solar savings. Have you ever wondered what you could save with solar financing?

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