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CLEAN energy for NB

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Clean Energy Projects

Naveco Power is a developer of clean energy projects in New Brunswick ranging from wind, solar, and energy efficiency. 

Mission: To develop clean energy projects which will benefit our economy and environment while keeping New Brunswick investments local and profitable.

Vision: To be the leader in creating a legacy of clean energy investment projects which inspire societal, environmental, and economic change.


Job Creation

Increasing job opportunities that will continue to grow our economy.


100% local investment opportunities to keep investments local and profitable.

Reducing CO2

Renewable energy provides a brighter future for our economy and our environment.

New Brunswick

Providing NB'ers with clean, affordable, and reliable energy,

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NB's First Locally Owned & Developed Wind Farm

Chaleur Ventus is a 20 MW wind farm being developed in the northern part of the province in Anse-Bleue. Development work began on this project in 2017 and environmental fieldwork has been ongoing since the spring of 2017.

  • Powering 9,000 homes
  • 100 new jobs benefiting the environment
  • Equivalent to removing 10,000 cars off the road 

Solar Projects

Naveco Power is proactively undertaking the business modelling and financial analysis for solar proposal processes. They have completed several proposals including schools, municipalities, commercial office buildings, recreation facilities, etc.

Solar + Storage Benefits

Energy Security

Solar + storage lowers the risk in your business by avoiding downtime. Keep the lights on when your utility goes off.


Power lines can be damaged in storms, but solar stays resilient.

Reduce Cost

Reallocate money from your energy bill to pay for your lease.

No Hidden Cost

Turn-key solutions for your businesses with no hidden costs.

How does leasing solar with Naveco work?

The Agreement

The client can reduce operating costs, transfer risk, with lower upfront capital expenditures.

Energy Savings

During the lease, clients will notice significant energy savings on their utility bill.

Project Payback

Pay back the project with funds received through energy savings on the utility bill during the lease period.

Keep Saving

When complete, the client will still be thriving off the savings.

Your Free Assessment

Enter the details of your business, and a Naveco team member will reach out to you with your very own free personalized assessment.

82 Westmorland Retrofit

Goal Achieved!

Energy retrofit of the 65,000 square foot office building at the corner of Westmorland and Queen Street in Fredericton. This project is successful due to local investors.

Length of Retrofit

Six Months

Energy Saved

2,325 GJ (cutting energy consumption in half!)

Greenhouse Gases Reduced

175 tonnes (equivalent of removing 37 off the road!)

Contact Information

Find us here: 320 Queen Street
New Brunswick

Phone: 506-804-1080