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The way most solar projects are done is through an upfront purchase. What about those who can't afford the initial high cost? That's where Naveco comes in.

Naveco offers an innovative solution to provide your farm with energy savings at a lower cost, while being a "one-stop shop" for all of your solar needs.

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​Lease solar for a fixed monthly fee.

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Reallocate money from your energy bill to pay for your lease.

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Our team can provide you with a free solar assessment that can show you financial strategies for solar panel systems, and more!

Solar + Storage Benefits

Energy Security

Solar + storage lowers the risk in your farm by avoiding downtime. Keep the lights on when your utility goes off.


Power lines can be damaged in storms, but solar stays resilient.

Reduce Cost

Reallocate money from your energy bill to pay for your lease.

No Hidden Cost

Turn-key solutions for your farm with no hidden costs.

Does Your Farm Use a Significant Amount of Energy? 

By installing solar you can:

  • ​Reduce your electricity bill
  • Generate income
  • Invest back into your farm

How does leasing solar with Naveco work?

The Agreement

The client can reduce operating costs, transfer risk, with lower upfront capital expenditures.

Energy Savings

During the lease, clients will notice significant energy savings on their utility bill.

Project Payback

Pay back the project with funds received through energy savings on the utility bill during the lease period.

Keep Saving

When complete, the client will still be thriving off the savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I be spending per year to consider solar?

If your electrical bill is more than $25,000 you should consider installing solar.

Can my livestock graze around ground-mounted solar units?

Depending on the animal. Sheep do not climb or harm the modules, and are commonly used for vegetation control while they graze. Cattle & horse grazing can cause risk of damage to the modules due to their large size. They are generally not compatible with PV facilities.

Will installing solar contaminate the soil?

​Studies show that when using silicon-based PV cells that the "leaching of trace metals from modules is unlikely to present a significant risk due to the sealed nature of the installed cells."

Can solar power my farming equipment?

​Solar can offset the power required for your equipment whether it be irrigation equipment, milking equipment, or general farm essentials.

My land floods in the Spring. Can I still install solar?

​The modules can be installed in areas that flood, however the electrical equipment cannot. Insurance will be higher for a PV system in an area that floods versus an area that does not. 

Can my land be converted back to agricultural land after the life of the solar system?

​Yes. After the lifespan of a solar system (20-25 years) land can be reverted back into agricultural use.


​New Brunswick Owned

Naveco Power is the only local utility-scale renewable energy developer. We believe that New Brunswickers have a right to clean, affordable and reliable energy.

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Naveco offers cost effective solar solutions with a dependable source of power. This is done through a unique approach of a lease model that can save your energy bill, and make your farm more profitable.

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Enter the details of your farm, and a Naveco team member will reach out to you with your very own free personalized assessment.

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