​Frequently Asked Questions

Naveco Power Inc.

What do we do?

We develop clean energy projects which benefit our economy and environment while keeping investments local and profitable

​Can I receive a tax credit on my investment?

​Yes, accredited investors are eligible for a 50% tax credit, and corporations and trusts can receive up to 15%. You can also further mitigate your taxes through an RRSP.

What types of projects will Naveco implement?

​​Our team does New Brunswick based renewable energy projects (Retrofits, Solar, Wind) ranging from small commercial scale (1 MW or less) to utility scale (20 MW+).

​Can I invest with my RRSP?

​​​Yes. Naveco Power is RRSP eligible! You can make an investment with new contributions, or make your current RRSP go further without adding new money. ​


​82 Westmorland Street Retrofit

What is a retrofit?

​​The term ‘retrofit’ means to add a component or accessory to something (in our case a building) that did not have it when originally manufactured (e.g., LED lighting, ventilation, cooling system).

​How will a retrofit impact the building energy bill and consumption

​​The retrofit will reduce CO2 emissions by 30% and cut energy consumption in half. By retrofitting, 175 tonnes (equivalent to 37 cars off the road) of CO2 will be reduced.

​How does a retrofit take place?

​​​Naveco Power Inc. will work with local contractors to install and monitor the retrofitting process.

​How does a retrofit impact the value of a building?

​​​The retrofit will increase the market value of the Westmorland Place building.


​Wind Farms

​How noisy is a turbine?

​It is approximately 60 (dBA) meaning you could easily have a conversation with a friend at the base of a windmill.

​Will the turbine affect birds?

​​Bird mortality due to wind turbines is very rare.

​What is the lifespan of a turbine?

​​The turbines being installed will have a lifespan of 20-30 years and will be properly maintained by the manufacturer who will hire and train locals.

Will a wind farm decrease my property value?

​​​​Unlikely. Studies have shown that property values within a wind farm viewshed rose more quickly than in comparable communities outside of the viewshed.

​​What is the setback distance?

​​​The setback distance will be set by municipal bylaw ensuring that noise does not exceed 40 (dBA), allowing people to get a restful night sleep.

​​Will the turbines and construction affect wildlife?

​​​​Strict Environmental Impact Assessments are performed in all areas before, during and after construction of such wind farms.


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