Energy Retrofits

When a building goes through an energy retrofit, it is renovated or refurbished to upgrade its overall energy assets. This allows it to conserve energy, which can provide a significant impact on its energy costs and the environment throughout its ongoing life.

Retrofits can reduce CO2 emissions by 30% and cut energy consumption in half. By retrofitting one building, for example, 175 tonnes of CO2 could be reduced. This is equivalent to 37 cars off the road!

Conserve Energy

The primary focus of an energy retrofit is to reduce the overall energy demand and consumption. This isn't a new concept for New Brunswick, however, this is the first time the community can benefit from it.

What Kind of Changes are Done During an Energy Retrofit?

The changes focus on energy conserving improvements that are more efficient. The primary goals are the following:

  • Prevent Air From Escaping  
  • Install Upgraded Appliances and Lighting
  • Redesign With Energy Efficiency in Mind

Energy Retrofit of 82 Westmorland Street

This 65,000 square foot office building is at the corner of Westmorland and Queen Street in Fredericton. It houses Service New Brunswick, The Federal Court of Canada, The Maritime's Higher Education Commission, Interactive Computer Systems, and Naveco Power.


Length of the Retrofit Project

               GJ                  Cutting energy consumption in half!

Energy Saved

           tonnes             Equivalent to 37 cars off the road

Green House Gases Reduced

Energy Retrofits at Work:

Changing the Lights in Our Office to Energy Efficient LED.

Spot the Difference

LED bulbs mimic natural light and can increase employee motivation, energy and concentration.

Changing of the Air System

Providing more efficient temperature control, and clean air throughout the building.

What's Next?
Building renderings: coming soon!

view of street and sidewalk
office sitting room with people
people walking in lobby

Energy Retrofits

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