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Naveco offers an innovative solution for utilities to leverage the private sector to increase renewables, and increase their own revenue.

Naveco distinguishes from others through its involvement in projects, having a hand in everything from the needs assessment to operations and maintenance.

Solar + Storage Benefits

Greater energy efficiency

Storage can provide greater efficiency,
and reduce generation variability.

Lower demand cost

eliminates high peaks of demand

Short payback period

Turn-key leasing solution with a
payback period of 5-10 years.

High grid stability

Storage reduces the load on T&D
equipment, and provides higher grid

For every MW of solar installed, it will offset 1,130 tons of CO2 each year.

Almost 84,000 Imp. Gallons each year!

Assumes 1450kwh/kw PV installed -

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt: Myth Busting

There are lots of questions that utilities have when it comes to providing solar energy:

Solar uses a lot of space

This is overcome by using your customer, your biggest asset, and giving them an opportunity to lease a solar system, that is installed on their rooftop. It helps increase grid resiliency plus provides them backup power for their property when the main grid is interrupted, and the system enters an islanding mode. When speaking of rooftop solar, it would be well-maintained buildings, preferably flat roofed, made of steel and concrete for building construction.

Shrinking rate base

Be part of the team offering solutions that your customers want. No one leaves and chooses another option when through inertia, it’s easier to leave things be. Your customers don’t want to disconnect, they just want simplicity. Providing them with this option to have reliable, affordable power that they can lease through their utility is a win-win.

Weather dependent

On the surface, it’s true, solar is weather dependent, but with a little bit of foresight, this too is a problem that is easily overcome. Predictive analytics tools for forecasting the weather means your leasing partner can tell the system operator when to expect a reduction in PV generation. Smart inverters and some battery storage can help with ramp control of bringing PV generation online, keeping your voltage and frequency within control parameters, as well as smoothing out the spikes and valleys of the minute by minute PV generation.

Solar is expensive

Solar is expensive as a new asset, but this is where the use of an Energy Service Contract helps with keeping the balance sheet in check. An ESCO can provide a service to the Utility for a utility scale PV project, but it is also applicable at the distributed generation level as well. If a utility, or the leasing providing company were to enter into an ESCO agreement, with the end customer, the lessor would receive savings that they would be used to pay for the solar project, through the leasing agreement. By the end of the lease term, the customer will have already paid off the solar leasing contract and will still be thriving off significant savings.

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How does leasing solar work for utility customers?

The Agreement

Reduce operating costs, and transfer risk, without upfront capital expenditures.

Energy Savings

Significant energy savings with the reduction or elimination of fuel.

Project Payback

The savings are used to pay for the solar project, throughout the leasing agreement.

Keep Saving

The solar leasing contract will be paid off, and the client will continue to thrive off savings.

Leasing Benefits

Leasing can benefit clients through a variety of scenarios:

Identifying energy saving opportunities

Provide engineering services from design to
equipment specifications

Order and install equipment, manage the

Provide long-term energy management and
maintenance services as desired

Educate about financing and bring in financial

Guarantee performance and energy savings

The solar energy sector is always evolving and creating more innovative and resilient opportunities to provide clean energy to the Caribbean region. Download our FREE report.

Solar Vs Storms: Hurricane Survivability

Last year, hurricane Dorian caused billions worth of damage in the Caribbean. While some PV systems survived, others suffered extensive damage. Below shows how hurricanes could cause solar failure without the proper measures.

Naveco's top consideration is building resilient and survivable solar energy systems in the Caribbean. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Using high-load PV modules (5,400 Pa)
  • Requiring a structural engineering review and wind-tunnel report review
  • Specifying a bolt hardware locking solution and bolt quality control process
  • Specifying through bolting of modules as opposed to top-down or T clamps
  • Requiring structural engineer review of lateral loads
  • Not using self-tapping screws
  • Specifying dual post pier foundations


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    We believe that communities have a right to clean, affordable and reliable energy. All investments stay local, where everyone can benefit from it!

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    Naveco uses an innovative business model to provide energy savings at a lower cost, while retaining an on-going operational role.

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