Renewable Energy




“Naveco Power believes that New Brunswickers have a right to

 clean, affordable, and reliable energy.”

Amit Virmani

CEO, Naveco Power

Why choose Naveco Power for solar projects?

Tax Credit Opportunities

Naveco Power has experience with community investment models, as they have developed, and are currently implementing a community investment process in Fredericton, NB. Investing in a project through Naveco allows you to be eligible for the 50% Small Business Investors Tax Credit (SBITC.) There's also an additional opportunity to receive a 35% tax credit through your RRSP's, creating a 85% total savings.

New Brunswick Values

Naveco Power is a 100% New Brunswick owned and operated clean energy developer. Naveco seeks partners who are well respected and share our vision of creating a prosperous future for our province, by developing and operating high quality facilities while respecting the environment and balancing the best interests of both community and investors.

Ongoing Community Engagement

Naveco Power provides a comprehensive community plan that's designed to enable projects to maximize socioeconomic benefits for the region during the construction and operational phase.

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Current Projects in Development

Naveco Power proactively undertakes the business modelling and financial analysis to begin solar proposal processes.

Proposals may come in the form of power purchase agreements with local utilities, or, through corporate power purchase agreements with large industry and communities around the province. For example, a solar array could be built for a local recreational facility and provide enough electricity to nearly offset the use of electricity from the traditional grid at a competitive price. We help communities who want to improve their energy usage profile while not having to invest a mountain of capital to do so.


Municipal Feasibility Study

Naveco Power is involved in a solar feasibility study for a municipality in southern New Brunswick. Capacity: 100 kW


School Solar Proposal

Naveco Power is involved in a proposal for a school in southern New Brunswick. Capacity: 100-200 kW


Commercial Office Building

Naveco Power is involved in a solar proposal for a commercial office building. Capacity: 50 kW

I’m proud to be associated with Naveco Power because of the company’s values and vision. They’re innovative, community driven, and passionate about the New Brunswick economy and environment. I’m looking forward to see this company continue to grow and make a difference here at home.

Tom Mann, Board Member

Create solar energy right in your own backyard.