​Chaleur Ventus

​First wind farm 100% owned by a New Brunswick developer

Project ​Summary

The Chaleur Ventus Wind Farm will be located in the northern part of the province in Anse-Bleue. ​Development work began on this project in 2017 and ​environmental fieldwork has been ongoing since the spring of 2017.

Naveco Power secured a 30 year Power Purchase Agreement under NB Power's Locally Owned Small-Scale program (LORESS.) Naveco Power is the only New Brunswick developer who was awarded a project.

​Naveco Power is consulting with ​landowners, meeting with involved municipalities, completing technical and environmental studies and preparing for the next steps of this project.



Renewable Energy


​​Five Turbines


​​20 MW

​Visit the Chaleur Ventus website for more details:

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Chaleur Ventus 

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