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Wind Farm vs. Coal Power Plant

Posted: October 11, 2017
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Naveco Power throws around the idea of a wind farm quite frequently. Our goal as a company is to allow YOU to be the owner(s) of one of these extraordinary operations. But, many people shy away from the idea of renewable energy farms because they fear the economic implications. We’re going to show you how using wind as a resource not only makes environmental sense, but economic sense as well. The numbers we use will be based off of 182 wind turbines producing a total of 500MW (megawatt) compared to a typical coal factory producing 500MW.

Cost of development:

Wind Coal
Wind turbines cost an estimated $2 million per turbine

182 turbines * $2 mill = $364,000,000
Coal plant = $2,000,000,000

Cost to operate & maintain (O&M):

Wind Coal
O&M = 3% of development

1 turbine = $60,000

$60,000 * 182 turbines = $10,920,000
O&M = $43/KWh

$43 * 1000 = $43,000/MWh

$43,000 * 500 = $21,500,000

Co2 emissions over 20 years:

Wind Coal
1 Turbine =  108.75 tonnes of Co2/year

182 turbines * 108.75 = 19,792.5 tonnes of Co2/year
Coal factory = 3.5 million tonnes of Co2/year

Energy produced for homes:

Wind Coal
Produces an average 2.75 megawatts/year

2.75 * 182 = 500 megawatts/year = 335,000 homes
Produces an average 500 megawatts/year = 335,000 homes

What source of energy makes more economical sense?

Average lifetime of a wind turbine is 30 years, while a coal plant is 40 Years


Wind Coal
Total cost = $374,920,000 Total cost = $2,021,500,000
$374,920,000/500MW = $749,840 per megawatt $2,021,500,000/500MW = $4,043,000 per megawatt


Still only associate wind farms with looking out for the environment? It’s time to start associating it with benefitting the economy, your wallet, your future, and the future of New Brunswick. Invest in Naveco Power, so we can bring profitable, environmentally friendly projects to your backyard.