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Canada’s Wind Energy in 2019

Canada’s Wind Energy2019 Wind power is one of Canada’s best resources for clean, renewable energy. Wind energy became Canada’s lowest-cost source of renewable energy in 2018, according to the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA). Canada added more wind energy projects between 2008 and 2018 than any other form of power generation. Canadian energy from wind […]

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Holiday Savings Tips

     Holiday Savings Renewable energy is good for our wallets and the environment. With the Christmas holidays here, our wallets may be stretched farther than we’d like. How can we get energy savings over the holidays and still enjoy our time with family and friends? There’s no need for a dull, dark holiday. We’ve […]

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The Role of ESCO’s in Providing Clean Energy

The Role of ESCO’s in Providing Clean Energy You may not have heard of ESCOs (Energy Service Company), but their services can benefit your small business finances and operations, along with the environment. As we move toward more clean, efficient energy in New Brunswick, an ESCO can help your business in several ways.What is an […]

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The Reality of Solar Panels During Winter

The Reality of Solar Energy in Winter Do solar panels work during the winter? Yes, they do. Each panel functions more efficiently in cold weather than it does during warm weather. Although days are shorter in winter and there’s less available sunlight, solar panels can work during winter. With added storage, they can be an […]

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Storage of Solar Energy 101

Solar Storage 101 Have you ever wondered about solar energy and storage? Some believe that solar power can’t be stored. It can be, and solar batteries are one technology in current use.Most solar installations put excess power that the home or business isn’t using back into the electric grid. An alternative is a solar battery. When […]

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Energy Consumption & Green House Gases

Greenhouse Gases and Energy Consumption There has been much talk in the media and political rallies about the correlation between energy use and greenhouse emissions. Unfortunately, many people get lost in the hype and fail to understand the facts of how the two are linked and the effects that can occur from overcompensation of energy.What […]

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We Should Have More Buildings That Are Energy-Efficient

Why We Should Have More Buildings That Are Energy-Efficient As we move towards the future, energy efficiency is a continued concern. With energy costs rising, and natural resources being depleted, building owners need to focus on technological advancements to help them design their buildings to reduce their carbon footprint. The good news is, there are […]

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Your Guide to an Energy Retrofit

Your Guide toan Energy Retrofit When a building goes through an energy retrofit, it is renovated or refurbished to upgrade its overall energy assets, which can provide a significant impact on its energy costs and the environment throughout its ongoing life. Changes made to commercial buildings often involve improving energy efficiency and decreasing the building’s […]

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Eat, Sleep, Work Energy Efficient

Eat, Sleep, Work   and  be Energy Efficient Many companies are now focusing their time, money, and energy towards the future, by retrofitting their workplaces to make them more energy-efficient. Energy-efficient buildings can make employees more comfortable and, in turn, increasing their workplace satisfaction and creating a better image for the company. Check out some of the ways […]

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