Ask O'Brien Series

Mayor Mike O'Brien of Fredericton, NB talks about his views of renewable energy and how it's having positive benefits in his community.


Why is renewable energy important for New Brunswick?

What's the plan to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels? Mayor O'Brien talks about the challenge of doing this responsibly, and how renewable energy in Fredericton and NB can be done.

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What is Fredericton's position towards renewable energy projects?

Did you know Fredericton has been a leader in greenhouse gas reductions and climate change adaptations for the past 30 years? In this video, Mayor O'Brien talks about what Fredericton has done so far. 

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Fredericton's next steps in energy

Have your heard of Fredericton's Community Energy Plan? Mayor O'Brien speaks on what Fredericton is up to for clean energy.

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Fredericton citizens and their perspectives

Is there an uncertainty of renewable energy in Fredericton? Listen to Mayor O'Brien speak on education and awareness.

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Impacting Fredericton's economy

Fredericton is reducing their annual energy consumption bill drastically. Hear more about how renewable energy is impacting the city's economy.


Fredericton re-investing in renewable energy

Did you know that the energy savings Fredericton achieves goes back into new projects? Hear more about what Mayor O'Brien has to say.

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Business who are thinking of going solar

Companies like Naveco is able to provide all the information businesses need if they are considering this. Watch the video to hear more.

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Why Fredericton is thriving

If the City of Fredericton is pursuing clean energy and energy efficiency, then it makes sense. Watch what else Fredericton is doing to thrive.


How citizens can see the positive impact of renewable energy

Visual dashboards is just one of the ways people can see the real time energy consumption and savings. Watch what else Mayor O'Brien says about promoting renewable energy in his city.