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March 25

Solar Installation: Can My Roof Support it?

If you’re considering investing in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, many building owners wonder if their roof can support solar installation. While the answer is likely yes, there are a few important factors to consider as you are pondering this question.

Know Your Angles

solar installation taking place

In order to generate enough solar energy from your PV system to support such an investment, you may want to be sure that your roof can access the sunlight needed to create enough energy to save you money. With this in mind, you do not want your roof to be overly shaded, or at an angle where it will not see much sunlight year-round. The ideal angle for your roof is about 10 degrees, southward facing. The angle of your roof is of importance to consider in our region as we face storms often with high winds, and the tilt of the panels should not be excessive as it will lift with the wind.

Durability is Key

The main question a building owner must consider when considering solar installation is whether their roof can structurally support the system itself. The more durable the material is of the roof, the more of a load it can support (such as concrete tiles), whereas an asbestos or plastic roof may struggle to bear the weight of a PV system. 

A commercial unit is roughly 50 pounds. Including all the hardware, mounting equipment, and solar panels, the weight distribution of a PV system is about 3-4 pounds per square foot.

brown house view from street

Why should you invest in solar installation?

solar panels in sky with clouds

When seeking to make an investment in renewable energy, an investment in our planet and youth's futures, solar is one of the best and most practical ways to go.

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Installing a PV system on your business is an option that is possible for the vast majority of buildings, and most of the complicated factors are covered by service personnel when considering installing a PV system, so the hassle for each customer is minimal if it exists at all. We hope this information has aided you in looking to install a PV system, and hope to hear from you as we can lower your operation costs, reduce your carbon footprint and develop renewable energy in our region.

Reduce Your 

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About the Author

Oriana Cordido has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in International Relations and Economics. She is currently responsible for providing knowledge and awareness about solar energy, and creating solar proposals for customers wanting to reduce their energy bills. You might be reading this blog if you're curious about how your business can save money. If this is something you've ever thought about, she's your go-to girl!

She has considerable experience in the field of social entrepreneurship as she was the Team President and Co-Founder of Enactus UNB which is an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action.

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