October 16

Investing in Renewable Energy

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When it comes to investing, you might be a little apprehensive. It is understandable. You work hard for your money and want to make sure that you invest it wisely. If you are afraid of investing, don't be. If you are looking for a great place to invest your money and are passionate about the environment, the best place for your investment dollars is in renewable energy. Why invest in renewable energy? Your investment can not only help grow your money but also improve the lives of people in your community, local businesses, and even the planet.

Investment Benefits to the Population

When you help grow the renewable energy industry, you can help improve the lives of people in the communities where projects are developed. Electricity generation produces a lot of chemicals and reactions in an environment that can affect the health and well-being of the people around it. One byproduct of increased electricity use is sulphur dioxide which can cause acid rain and also affect the respiratory health of individuals, especially those with asthma. Electricity also produces more smog and soot which can lead to increased respiratory infection especially in young children. 

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The carbon dioxide released for electricity use can affect the global climate and Mercury released from coal-operated plants can accumulate in the cells of animals people consume, leading to damage to the liver and central nervous system when consumed in high quantities.

Investment Benefits to the Economy

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When you invest in renewable energy, you will be benefiting the economy by creating reliable power supplies and better fuel diversification. This will lead to increased energy security reducing the risk of oil spills, conserving natural resources, and helping to limit dependence on foreign energy. 

It also can spur economic growth. The energy industry requires a greater workforce. When there are better jobs in the community, it means better incomes and growth for the entire area. The economy will also benefit from better price stability with renewable energy sources. Since there is no transportation and it does not rely on fluctuating costs such as fuel, renewable energy will provide a more consistent price, allowing business owners and homeowners to better plan for their utility bills.

Investments Benefits to the Environment

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With your renewable energy investment, you are not only making your community a better place to live and work, but also helping to preserve the environment for future generations. When you limit electricity use, you will lower the emissions of greenhouse gases which can affect climate change, causing more intensive and damaging weather patterns to occur. 

The byproducts of electricity have a negative impact on every facet of the environment, from animals to water sources. Sulphur dioxide's contribution to acid rain can cause damage to forests, crops, and plants. The mercury released can contaminant complete water ecosystems, and excess nitrogen can lead to algae blooms, which reduce the oxygen supply in the water, killing the living organisms.

With investing comes risk, and it is that risk that triggers your fear response. But investing is not something to be afraid of and is one of the greatest ways to grow wealth and impact your community at the same time. By investing in renewable energy projects with companies like Naveco Power, you will not only be putting yourself on a path to a brighter future but your community and the planet as well.

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