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Many companies are now focusing their time, money, and energy towards the future, by retrofitting their workplaces to make them more energy-efficient. Energy-efficient buildings can make employees more comfortable and, in turn, increasing their workplace satisfaction and creating a better image for the company. Check out some of the ways an energy-efficient building can improve your work environment and help you to work more efficiently.

Savings on Monthly Utility Bills

When your workplace is designed to be energy-efficient, it will save the business money. Some companies may even see a savings of up to 30% off of heating and cooling bills, simply by keeping the air where it should be. With less energy escaping the building and being wasted, your business will improve its bottom line, which can keep the company healthy and moving forward, freeing up funds for more important business concerns.

Better Resale Value of the Building

An energy efficient retrofit can significantly lower the amount of greenhouse gasses that your building uses. This helps your company do its part to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in the air that can have a damaging effect on climate change. The building will also consume fewer fossil fuels to heat since the energy use in the building will be significantly reduced.

Working in an energy efficient building comes with numerous benefits from better comfort and indoor air quality, to lowering dangerous greenhouse emissions and reducing overall energy use. Help the environment and your local community by pushing for positive changes in work environments that can come from using an energy-efficient building. Find out more about retrofitting your Fredericton building by contacting Naveco Power today to discuss      possible solutions.

Reduce Costs

When a building is more energy-efficient, it will cost less to operate, be easier to maintain, and have a much longer lifestyle. Comfort, improved indoor air quality, and the low cost of energy bills all make the building appealing to potential buyers, which means your company's building will become a greater asset.

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