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March 7

A Business is Simply an Idea to Make Other People’s Lives Better

A business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better,” is a quote from Richard Branson. The question is why? Well, for starters let's get to know what Naveco’s mission is. Naveco aspires to develop clean energy projects which will benefit our economy and environment while keeping New Brunswick investments local and profitable. Just from this statement we can see three different ways in which Naveco will improve lives. 

For one, Naveco is making clean energy for New Brusnwickers more accessible. Clean energy means that we will be emitting less greenhouse gasses and creating more energy. This makes people's lives better because we will be drastically reducing how much pollution is let into the air. 

Naveco is also looking for people within local communities to invest in them. Now how would something like this make a person’s life better? Well that’s easy. As an investor, some of the benefits include a great income tax benefit and the money invested won’t leave the province. Matter of fact, it will be used for local projects to further create clean energy. 

 What’s another way Naveco makes people's lives better? Well, with the creation of clean energy through wind farms, and retrofits, there will be a demand for jobs. More jobs within New Brunswick comes with huge benefits to the workers, and local communities. More jobs will allow for New Brunswickers to stay close to home and family to further grow a stronger province.  

 It can be said that Naveco is in the business of job creation, cutting GHG cost, and making clean energy. But to sum it up quickly, Naveco is in the business of making people's lives better.  

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