August 24

My Experience at Naveco

Naveco Power

Blog written by Financial Analyst Co-Op Student, Robert Stepner:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an interest in renewable energy. It most likely started when I used to build robots using a Lego Mindstorms kit and there was a tiny solar panel that worked with it. After having to recycle dozens of batteries, I was fascinated by how light was now able to power the system without the need for them. This fascination of not having to deplete a resource or the ability to produce power from seemingly nothing has never left me.

Therefore, when I was applying for various co-op positions and saw an application for a Financial Analyst that read "If you believe a capitalist is a conservationist with less syllables, then keep reading." I knew that I found a company that I was going to love to work for. It was right in line with one of my curiosities while also being a position related to my education. It was the first time I saw a company focusing on the financial aspect of renewable technology, instead of the obvious environmental benefits, which I found incredibly interesting.

I have now worked at Naveco for about eight months, and there truly hasn't been a single day I've gone home feeling unsatisfied. I am constantly learning new things.

With the small team we have here I have been able to gain experience I wouldn't necessarily have been able to get at a larger organization. For example, having contributed to a proposal that was presented to a multinational corporation, something I never would’ve imagined doing until after graduating.

My work has only continued to increase in significance since then and has ranged from researching Fredericton demographics to determine the number of potential investors in the area to calculating the feasibility of wind farm locations based on wind speed data. Naveco has so many projects currently on the go that every day it feels like I'm doing something different and I wouldn’t like it any other way. It’s faced paced and challenging but also incredibly enjoyable. I'm thankful for this experience here at Naveco Power, and I know I wouldn't have wanted to spend it anywhere else.

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