July 19

5 Startupfest Takeaways

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5 Startupfest Takeaways

Written by our Business Development Associate, Oriana Cordido:

It is my second year attending Startupfest with the East Coast Caravan. This time I had the opportunity to share the experience of Startupfest with one my co-workers from Naveco Power, Robert Stepner. Many people have said that Startupfest is only for businesses in the technology industry, however, as part of a renewable energy company I can say that in this event you learn vital things that every Startup in any industry needs to know. Let me tell you that Startupfest never seizes to exceed my expectations.

This year once again Startupfest not only showed me the tight and diverse startup community we have in Canada, but it also gave me the opportunity to learn about other startups around me in Atlantic Canada. ​

This event is not only fantastic because of its location or because of the opportunities it provides for your Startup to grow, but because you realize you are part of a community that's all about collaboration.

is a great place to meet other founders and team members of other Startup’s; I at least got to know more than 100 people who were looking to share their experiences and stories just like I was. There many reasons I love Startupfest. I could keep going on all the positive things about it, but I would like to share with you what I learn in this three-day event.

These are the 5 Things I learned at Startupfest this year in 2018:

1. The importance of knowing what is your 'Why'?

It is important to know and understand what is your business’s why. The speaker, Amber Venz Box, explained that the ‘Why’ is the consideration of humanity. It is important to establish what is important from the start and what is the reason your business exists. The Speaker finalized her chat with a sentence: “ I think we should all complete. We do___ so that_____.” So for example here at Naveco: We do renewable energy projects so that we can reduce CO2 emissions and keep investment local. 

2. Stay Connected!

Staying connected and growing your network of both local and global founders as well as organizations that support entrepreneurs growth are essential for the growth of any startup. By being connected, you get to be part of a collaborative environment where you can share the challenges businesses have and hear what other founders have done to solve those challenges.

3. Talk to Investors

Don’t just talk to an investor to invest in you. Ask them how is the best way to approach investors with your business idea. Make sure you get their input, you never know they might not be the one interested but they might someone who will!

4. Start Small and Learn fast

When growing a Startup,  simplicity always wins. However, it is important always to keep the long-term view! (Gauthier, Genome CEO) It is important to start on a smaller scale before you dream big, we need to prove our concepts and use the momentum we get to grow.

5. Believe in yourself

For me, this is the most important lesson of all. Sometimes we feel that the people around us do not believe in us or do not understand us. The thing is that what is important is that we believe in ourselves. If you were at Startupfest or you are starting your own business, you did it. You believe in yourself, and that's what matters!

“I believe in me, that’s what matters.” – Shawn Smith

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