June 17

Spem Reduxit

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“Spem Reduxit”... What?  You’ve never heard that before?  Well, as a matter of fact, it is actually New Brunswick’s motto!  ‘Spem Reduxit’ translates to ‘Hope Restored,’ which is a motto that Naveco Power can get behind. If you haven't realized, the colours in our logo are straight from the New Brunswick flag!

Naveco Power is doing exactly that, restoring hope. We are working to bring renewable energy and infrastructure projects to New Brunswick and its residents!

Whether it be economic or environmental hope, Naveco is trying to improve New Brunswick’s current situation. Our first project will be the Westmorland Place retrofit, which involves the modification of the building using insulation, lighting, and upgrades to heating and cooling systems to make it more energy efficient. This will reduce energy consumption, save money for the building owner and tenants, and make money for investors. As if that’s not convincing enough, all of the funds raised by Naveco Power through investments will go directly back into the local economy through renewable energy projects.

Naveco Power is truly living up to our province’s motto to restore hope for New Brunswick’s residents, economy and environment.

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