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​Why Invest In Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is increasingly becoming a hot topic… we know, not punny, but true! There are two types of solar energy, Photo-voltaic and Thermal. Photo-voltaic technology directly converts sunlight into electricity, while Solar thermal technology harnesses its heat*.

You not only see solar panels on top of buildings, but as you're walking through aisles in the stores, it's hard to miss all the smart gadgets that include solar as well. A few things that come to mind are solar cell phone chargers, solar-powered outdoor lights, and we've even seen Bluetooth speakers that charge through solar power.

There are many different reasons to invest in solar energy. To help you make an informed decision before you move forward with an investment, here are three reasons why solar energy is a positive investment:

1) Stability

This is a big reason why you would want to put your money towards solar energy; it's pretty constant. Sure, there are times seasonally where it may vary a bit, but overall the fact that we'll get daylight from the sun is predictable. Solar energy farms will usually be connected to the grid to avoid the risk of power outages at night or have a battery backup system. The sun isn't going to disappear anytime soon, but meanwhile, fossil fuels are depleting.

2) Environment

Solar energy reduces CO2 emissions, which are both natural and human sources of carbon dioxide, and other harmful contributors to global warming and poor air quality. The production of generating electricity with solar panels uses no greenhouse gasses. Not only that, but usually many materials used in the creation of solar panels are recyclable. 

3) Maintenance

Are you wanting to invest in this industry, but worried about the technology failing? People like to invest in solar because they, along with other renewable energy technologies, are pretty dependable. Solar panels have no moving parts, which makes them easy to install and to remain durable.

 In Canada, the capacity of the solar photo-voltaic (PV) WAS 2,662 MW, a 6% increase since. 2015*. Currently, at Naveco Power we're looking into ​developing some clean energy solar projects right here in New Brunswick.

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