February 18

Local Investments Equal Positive Change in Your Community

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People make investments every day. An investment to go to work and make money, an investment in your own health to do some exercise, or an investment in a relationship to see it grow. Whatever investment you may be making, there’s typically a positive outcome. A change of sorts.

Naveco Power has taken this idea and implemented it into the New Brunswick economy. By investing in a locally owned corporation, you can see changes locally, too. Much like any good investment though, it doesn’t happen overnight. Time and resources must be in place for there to be any real change.

For example, most cities run a community garden. A garden takes seeds, sunlight, water, good soil, and must be well maintained for people to get the results they want. By imagining the garden as New Brunswick, you can gain an idea of what we can do to make NB better. All that you need is time, a willingness to see results, people to help along the way, and a bit of knowledge about your project.

Naveco Power has invested in New Brunswick to create jobs, produce clean energy, and lower greenhouse gasses (GHG).

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​Naveco has done this by providing local renewable energy investment projects, such as their energy retrofit of a building in downtown Fredericton, and Chaleur Ventus wind farm project.

So how do you plant a seed in New Brunswick? Why not invest in Naveco Power? Your investment will give Naveco the resources needed to build and make more projects feasible. Investing can be easy and can come with plenty of benefits for you and the economy.

There are changes that people can make to improve New Brunswick and our economy. Remember, it’s a process, not an overnight fix. Stick to it and get others involved.

​If you want change, you'll have to be the one to make change. By helping out NB's economy, you can also be helping your wallet.

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​Investments made with Naveco could be eligible for tax credits! Make a change today and start prospering not only New Brunswick, but yourself as well!

Want to Invest in Renewable Energy?

Naveco Power is ​offering a free guide full of information in reference to our current investment opportunity.

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