January 4

Every Investment Has An Impact

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In recent years, the term “impact investing” has taken on many different meanings. It was first coined in 2007, however, impact investing was happening prior to that time.  

The most common definition of impact investing refers to investments made into businesses, establishments, and funds with the purpose of producing a measurable, valuable, societal or environmental impact alongside a monetary return.

In this new world that we live in more and more people are starting to look more closely at exactly what it is that they are investing in. Instead of people relying on their investment advisors to assume that they are making the best choices for them, individuals have started to take matters in their own hands and take a second look at their investments, determining if they align with their personal values, beliefs and morals. The “true cost” of the investments we make and what that means to our everyday life, now more than ever, is being examined at a microscopic level.

That said, impact investing is not primarily philanthropic in nature. It offers a tangible return on investment while at the same time contributing to a positive effect on the societal, environmental and economic fabric of our communities.

These investment opportunities take on larger, collective problems such as climate change, and sustainable energy sources for example.

The impact investment industry is growing, and there is a place for every individual on the spectrum. There still remains a spot for those who wish to invest in large oil companies or financial institutions, but there is also room for those who request more options from their advisors, catching onto the idea that they can still do good in the world while also making a profit. Would you rather your investments stay local and benefit our communities or go to international funds which leave New Brunswick?

At Naveco Power, we develop clean energy projects which will benefit our economy and environment while keeping New Brunswick investments local and profitable. Our projects allow New Brunswicker’s to invest in clean energy projects that have a real impact on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our province.

Are you ready to take the next step towards impact investing? Here’s what you can do:

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1: What are your impact goals

Do you have goals to fight climate change, especially right in your own province or city? If yes, then take a look at some of our current projects. We might have some local to your area that you can make a difference in while also receiving a return on your investment.

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2: Talk to our Finance team 

Contact someone from our team to have a conversation with about which investment opportunity has the best alignment with your values. They’ll discuss with you a risk tolerance questionnaire to determine if your investment with Naveco Power fits your risk tolerance level.

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