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Who is Naveco Power?

Before we dive into who Naveco Power is, we should start with what exactly "Naveco" stands for. It's a combination of the words "navigating" and "economy."

In 2015 our Founder, Amit Virmani, started Naveco with a mission to develop clean energy projects which benefit the economy and environment while keeping New Brunswick investments local and profitable. We seek to maximize both financial returns and social progress. Our projects have a positive impact on New Brunswick's environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing opportunities for renewable sources of energy.

We believe that New Brunswickers have a right to clean, affordable and reliable energy. We want to bring forth opportunities that not only excite local residents but provide them with opportunities to get involved in the growth of their community.

At Naveco Power we endeavour to manage and develop these clean energy projects while providing an attractive investment opportunity. For example, if a building were looking at installing solar panels on the roof, we would do an assessment to see if the project would provide an acceptable payback period. In addition, we would look to use the Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) model to fund the project. Currently, we are working toward becoming New Brunswick's first CEDC.

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