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Why You Should Attend Startupfest

Startup Fest is about being at the right place at the right time.

It’s the right place for a unique experience with entrepreneurs from all around the world. The right place to meet and hear amazing speakers, and network with prospective industry leaders. It’s the right place to pitch outside-the-box ideas to investors and innovators you might otherwise have not known.

As sponsors of the East Coast Caravan, our goal was to facilitate organic connections through a weekend of co-living and co-travelling. Most of us had crossed paths in Fredericton at some time or other in the Startup community, and this Caravan was a chance to roll into Montreal with zeal. Amping each other up while excitedly planning a weekend of networking is actually as fun as it sounds.

Overall, Startup Fest helped startups across Atlantic Canada increase their international exposure and ability to compete on the global stage. Most importantly, it gave these Startups the connections and opportunities to learn from speakers about how to run their business, make it scale, acquire investors, and pitch your idea.

By sponsoring this group of entrepreneurs, we were supporting the growth of our province, something Naveco Power builds on. The more entrepreneurs that grow their businesses, the more local jobs there will be, which is great for our region! What better way to foster prosperity for our province than supporting our entrepreneurs filled with amazing ideas!

The atmosphere at Startup Fest was vibrant and awesome, and our team was extremely happy to have been part of the event. We believe we have a role in supporting other startups, this is why decided to sponsor entrepreneurs from the Atlantic region because we can relate to them. We know the difficulties of starting their own business, we know what it's like being in their shoes. So, by giving them this opportunity, they had the chance to have an incredible experience to hear from people who are now experts but started in the same position as them.

So, yes Startup Fest is about being in the right place at the right time for entrepreneurs and startups. It's the chance to show why are they doing what they are doing and the right time to learn why and how they make their own luck.

My two takeaways from Startup Fest: first the Canadian startup community is alive, well, maturing and invested in its future success. And second, we need to come back next year!

Questions and Answers to Amit, Naveco Power's Founder:

Why did you decide to be a sponsor in startup fest?
We support entrepreneurs and give New Brunswickers a reason to come home by creating more local jobs.

How important is for you to support new startups like yours?
We’re not a startup. We’re an investment company focused on renewables. We focus on investing locally.

How do you think we helped the startup community?
Got them in front of potential investors, other companies with aligned interests. Folks that could more help to shape their product.

What is the main thing you learned being at startup fest?
Read the tweets :p

What is your role in the startup community?

What do you recommend people that attend StartupFest?

     ● Hear from experts across multiple industries and business topics

     ● Network with entrepreneurs from various countries and backgrounds

     ● Compete for top-notch investment opportunities

     ● Ignite organic relationships with other entrepreneurs

     ● Catalyze collisions by creating a co-living environment & shared travel experience

Written by: Oriana Cordido

Photo: http://www.startupfestival.com/

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