May 5

Investment Strategies

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You’ve heard the phrase “Put your money where your mouth is.” These days, when it comes to the idea of investing, the same concept can be applied when it comes to investment strategies.

Understand the underlying impacts of exactly what it is you are investing in and mirror that to what you value personally. You can have a more purpose-driven portfolio as opposed to allowing your financial institution to make choices and decisions on your behalf with your money. This ultimately allows for a more comprehensive and diverse portfolio. At the same time, this will allow the companies into which these investors put their hard-earned money, to flourish and subsequently provide a more significant return on investment. These purpose-driven companies are unable to change the world alone, they need the support and capital from investors who are just as passionate about the cause as they are.

The opportunity to do better exists, and it’s not just for millionaires.

With more impact investment companies on the rise, there is a place for everyone on the investment spectrum. Whether you’re a busy working professional who barely has time to eat lunch, a stay at home parent or a CEO, you can’t always take the time to carefully examine your investments and ensure they are consistent with your values, but perhaps you could take a moment to reflect on what drives you as an individual and take a second glance at your investment strategy.

If you think about it, there would be more value to an investor who personally invests in a company and has a say or a vote at an annual general meeting than there would be for a portfolio manager who manages the strategy and speaks on behalf of their clients. As an investor that has a voice, this would help to provide more context and allow them to feel like they are a part of that company, making decisions that matter and will change the course of their business.

It’s important to note that this is not financial advice just a friendly invitation to explore the investment approach that works best for you.

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