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3 Best Examples of Clean Energy Worldwide 

Renewable energy is a great system to lessen greenhouse gases and cut down on unnecessary costs. Sadly, not everyone is convinced that these new energy systems are valid and work. Some say it’s too expensive to install or merely a waste of space. What I’m about to share are some of the world's best examples of renewable energy.


Solar energy is one of America’s fastest-growing source of renewable energy. This has to do with the fact that technology has propelled solar panels to be cheaper than ever, installation is made safer and faster, the panels are more efficient, and in some cases more stylish too.

“According to a Solar Energy Industries Association report, the United States’ solar installed capacity has increased dramatically since 2008—from 1.2 gigawatts in 2008 to an estimated 31.6 gigawatts halfway through 2016, which is enough to power the equivalent of 6.2 million average-sized American homes. For the first time, solar beat out natural gas capacity additions in 2015”. 


There is no better place in the world to acquire wind energy than from Denmark. With their wind turbines, there have been cases when they have produced 140% of their country's energy in a day. Denmark had enough power to run their country for a day and help out their neighbours too.  As of 2012, Denmark’s wind turbines produced 40% of its countries energy. By 2020 they plan for wind turbines to run half of their energy. This market for wind power has given an estimated 29,000 people jobs as of 2014.


Dams take advantage of the resource that gives earth the nickname of the blue planet, water. In 2016 there’s a particular dam that did it better than anyone else. Its name is the Itaipu Dam and can be found between Brazil and Paraguay.

By the end of 2016, the dam produced a record-breaking 103,098,366 MWh. For those who don’t quite know what that means, the power generated by the dam could power all of Brazil for two months and 18 days and Paraguay for seven years and three months.

 It seems with some geographical studies and an understanding of renewable energy; every country can take advantage of each of their natural resources and reduce their carbon footprint. Be sure to check out your local Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) to be a part of the change you want to see.

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