February 7

Do Invest or Do Not; There is No Try

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Do Invest or Do Not; There is No Try

In the words of Jedi Master Yoda “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Investing is the exact same. A lot of people want to help the environment, but only a few actually take action. Why? Is it difficult to invest? Is it too time-consuming? You don’t see results? Or are you simply scared? Whatever the reason is, there’s no point in saying you’ll help the environment if all you’re doing is talking about how much you want to make a change.

People like Naveco's Founder, Amit, are the ones who saw that the New Brunswick community needed change and took action. By creating Naveco Power, the company has made massive strides for NB in making this province more energy efficient and cutting both cost and greenhouse gas emissions. But now it’s up to the rest of us to help Naveco along with their mission to produce clean energy, create jobs, and decrease our dependency on fossil fuels.

Why settle for merely investing, when you can prosper. Naveco is now RRSP eligible, meaning any investment made through your RRSP account can save 85% on your taxes! It doesn't matter if you're investing new funds or want to make your current contributions go further, you can still save 85%.

What’s holding you back? You can be someone who people talk about in your community. Someone who makes a visible change to the environment around them. And be a hero and show the results of what you can do. Not to mention you can save for your future.

Start prospering today. Learn more by getting your free guide today!

​Start Prospering Today!

Naveco Power is ​offering a free checklist to guide you in the right direction when making an investment with your RRSP.

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