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October 11

Wind Turbine Myths Debunked

Although wind farms are not a new concept, they are often misunderstood and have been on the receiving end of a few negative comments. People have made many misconceptions surrounding wind turbine design, and we are here to debunk those myths. 

1: Wind turbines are harmful to your health

There is no evidence to support this myth. No sounds made by the turbine has affected one’s health. The turbine is built to produce clean energy, so in a way, the turbine is improving the local environment and therefore improving people’s health. 

2: Wind turbines are loud and ugly

It’s true. A wind turbine produces noise. If you were to stand at the bottom of a typical turbine, there would be a slight whooshing sound. In comparison, imagine standing in the kitchen and hearing the fridge/refrigerator running. When it comes to wind turbine design, you could say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Alone a turbine may not look appealing, but when together on a farm, they can look magnificent.

​3: Wind turbines are unpredictable

Wind may not be constant, but it can be predicted. Thanks to accurate weather predictions, power grid management can match the wind energy to be generated with the energy demand. However, these predictions are constantly changing every few hours. Operators will make changes to their numbers, so they always get the most energy from the wind. 

4: Wind turbines are a bird’s kryptonite

​A bird’s kryptonite would not be wind turbines, but rather the everyday cat. Cats alone account for 200+ million bird deaths worldwide. Stats also show that windows/buildings (25 million), power lines (25 million), cars (14 million), and pesticides (2.7 million), are next on the list as the highest mortality rates for birds.

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