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Your Smart City

If you are from Fredericton, you are one of the approximately 58,220 people who live here*. But how much do you know about the capital city of New Brunswick? Did you know Fredericton was the first city in North America to offer free Wi-Fi throughout the downtown? This is just one of the examples of how the city has been continuously working on becoming smart and sustainable.

Beginning in the 1990's Fredericton started to build upon its knowledge-based economy. They brought in more engineering, IT, and research and development jobs. Now, Fredericton is the home for more than 100 technology companies. Most of these companies are located in Knowledge Park which was created to facilitate technology transfer and other partnerships involving academia and the private sector. Knowledge Park is home to world-leading companies such as Radian6 (acquired by, Inc.), Skillsoft, CGI, and Siemens*.

In 2008 and 2009, Fredericton was named One of the World's Top 7 Intelligent Communities. This accomplishment came from the Fred-eZone, the city's free Wi-Fi program, and Canada's first free wireless city. Other accomplishments include:

-    Startup Capital of Canada (Startup Canada 2016 Awards) with the supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem to fuel business

-    Most Cost Competitive location in Canada (KPMG 2016 Competitive Alternatives report) *

A couple of apps you may use on a daily basis have been created right here in the city. One is called ReadyPass. This was produced to make a smart and straightforward city transit system for passengers, bus drivers, and the city itself. Using the ReadyPass app you can track the bus in real time, so you're able to know exactly when it will arrive, and it also sends notifications, so you know when it's close. The app provides a simple route finder to avoid dealing with the difficult schedules and maps while saving daily destinations as your favourites. Since a lot of people no longer carry much change with them, in ReadyPass you can purchase e-tickets in the app and can transfer tickets to family and friends*.

Another app that gets used a lot regarding downtown parking is HotSpot. It's a real-time parking solution that lets you park in any metered parking, or garage, and pay by your smartphone. It also shows a live map and Twitter bot that displays all the number of available spots in all the lots in downtown Fredericton. Just punch in your space or meter number onto the app and add the amount of time you'd like. Simple as that! Not to mention you're able to add time from your smartphone no matter where you are if you're running out. If you finish before your time has run out, you can stop your parking, and the money that's remaining will be returned. The company has currently expanded its reach past Fredericton, and you can now find HotSpot Parking in Saint John and Moncton as well*.

"Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is not only environmentally responsible but will also stimulate economic development and job creation around the research and implementation of the resulting technologies and installations."

This is a quote from Fredericton's Mayor Mike O'Brien, and Naveco Power hopes to add to the city's smart success. We're doing this by our retrofit of 82 Westmorland Street in downtown Fredericton. Once the retrofit is completed, the building will become the first LEED Gold EB & OM (Existing Building & Operations and Maintenance) in NB and 2nd in all of Canada. Naveco wants to lead by example to turn this building into one of Fredericton's most energy-efficient buildings.

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