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Innovative Investing

In today’s world, we as consumers have some of the fastest moving information systems ever. How does Naveco Power plan to utilize this? We’re going to use those information systems from around the globe and local communities to create innovation in New Brunswick.

In short, Naveco Power will be creating jobs, cutting greenhouse gasses (that stuff that also happens to make the earth a bit warmer) and boost New Brunswick's economy. How will we do it? Four words. Renewable energy & innovative investments.

Regarding the Transitioning to a Low Carbon Economy Climate Change Action Plan implemented by the province in 2016, New Brunswick has a goal of achieving 40% renewable energy usage in 2020. Currently, the province sits just under 30%.

Thankfully, we have been making great strides in producing more clean energy within New Brunswick. When you invest in Naveco Power and clean energy, you won’t only help yourself by putting some “green” in your wallet, but you’ll be helping our beloved province reach our renewable energy goals!

Innovating a province is no easy task. But with the help of local communities and the desire to see some real change, Naveco Power will gladly take on the challenge and create a cleaner and greener economy in New Brunswick.

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​Naveco Power seeks to maximize both financial returns and social progress. We offer a free guide designed to provide pain free options to save for your future. No matter what stage of life you’re in, there’s always conflicting ways to spend your money.