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13 Reasons Why to Invest in Naveco Power

Naveco Power enables individuals across New Brunswick to invest in clean energy infrastructure projects that generate steady yields and measurable environmental benefits.

1. Job Creation​​​​​

Through the building of wind farms, jobs will also be created to build, operate and maintain the wind farms. To invest in jobs, and New Brunswick's future, invest in Naveco.

2. Money invested in NB, stays in NB

Any investments made will go directly back into the community towards renewable energy initiatives.

3. Clean energy = cheaper fees

Through retrofits, solar & wind energy projects, we may be able to see the electricity bills of our homes decrease. We would no longer be relying on fossil fuels as much as before.

4. Tax strategy, tax breaks, reduce taxable income

You may be eligible for a 50% personal income tax credit and you can further mitigate your taxes with your RRSP.

5. Build a future

With more renewable energy sources used, the next generation will be able to breathe a little easier, literally. Investments and financial planning will also benefit your future income!

6. Energy cost reductions for commercial buildings

Through our retrofit project, we can cut the cost of building operations.

7. Profit, grow your money

Investments with Naveco Power can grow, and you can earn money with bi-annual dividends!

8. Financial stability

Being able to increase your assets and build for your retirement is the sign of successful financial stability.

9.Economic growth

More clean energy + more money STAYING in NB + job creation = a better standard of living in New Brunswick.

10. Save for retirement

Your dollars invested will increase over time, and with a 50% income tax credit you can plan for a future and retirement.

11. Financial goals

Do you plan on saving a certain amount of money by the time you reach 35, 45, 50? Invest in Naveco and start working towards your financial goals.

12. Be part of a new venture

Have you lived a fulfilling life? Traveled all over the world, been skydiving, settled down and reached your goals? Well, how about starting a new venture and being a part of the renewable energy successes in New Brunswick! Begin investing in Naveco Power to be a part of the change.

13. Save to pay loans

Got student loans? Or a line of credit? Start your nest egg to pay these off right away by investing in Naveco to make a return!

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