Renewable Energy for Today

Naveco Power develops renewable energy projects that benefit your community.

What we do

Renewable Energy Projects that Benefit the Economy and Environment

Naveco Power is a New Brunswick-based renewable energy developer, focusing on wind, solar, and energy storage projects. Naveco distinguishes from others through its involvement in projects, having a hand in everything from the needs assessment to operations and maintenance.

100% New Brunswick Owned

All investments stay local in our province, where we can all benefit from them. Naveco brings more job opportunities to grow our economy.

Local Investment

Benefiting the economy and environment while keeping New Brunswick investments local and profitable.

Reducing Fossil Fuel Dependence

Investing in clean energy provides a brighter future for both our economy and environment. We believe in the right of clean, affordable, and reliable electricity.

Naveco is committed to developing clean energy projects that ensure social, economic, and environmental benefits.

Our Clean Energy Projects

Solar Energy

Naveco offers an innovative solution to provide energy savings at a lower cost while being a "one-stop-shop" for all of your solar needs.

Wind Energy

Naveco Power has been involved in the development of wind farm proposals since 2016. These proposals range from small scale (10 megawatts - 50 megawatts) to large scale projects ranging anywhere from 20 megawatts to over 100 megawatts.

Energy Retrofit

In New Brunswick, building retrofits aren't a new concept, but this is the first time the community can benefit from it. Naveco Power provides you with the opportunity to invest in these projects, making you eligible to receive a 50% Small Business Investors Tax Credit (SBITC). Our investment strategy  seeks to maximize both financial returns and social progress.

Naveco's Project Results


Homes provided with energy


CO2 Reduction (cars off the road)


Jobs created


NB Developer

(Utility Scale)

why we do it

A Better Tomorrow

We believe New Brunswickers have the right to clean affordable energy. Naveco's mission is to develop clean energy projects which will benefit our economy and environment while keeping New Brunswick investments local and profitable.

Ethical Innovation

Naveco's vision is to be the leader in creating a legacy of clean energy investment projects which inspire societal, environmental, and economic change. Our business model includes employing a diverse workforce, increasing Indigenous business opportunities, and investing in community programs.


What They Say

Invest Local

Tom Mann

Board Member

I’m proud to be associated with Naveco Power because of the company’s values and vision. They’re innovative, community-driven, and passionate about the New Brunswick economy and environment. I’m looking forward to seeing this company continue to grow and make a difference here at home.

Bridget Oland

Board Member

Naveco Power is important to me because they have the future of New Brunswick’s environment and economy top of mind. As someone who’s actively teaching my children the value of green living - including the potential of clean energy -Naveco is my real-world way to give them a glimpse of their future.

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