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Renewable Energy

Naveco Power specializes in solar installation, wind power, and energy-efficient opportunities for your business or community.

About Us

Founded in 2015, "Naveco" is a combination of navigating and economy. We want to bring forth opportunities that not only excite local residents but provide them with opportunities to get involved in the growth of their community.

We believe that New Brunswickers have a right to clean, affordable and reliable electricity. All of our projects have a positive impact on New Brunswick’s environment by reducing CO2 emissions and developing renewable sources of energy.

A legacy of renewable energy

 The vision for Naveco is to be the leader in creating a legacy of renewable energy projects which inspire societal, environmental, and economic change. Our business model includes employing a diverse workforce, increasing Indigenous business opportunities, and investing in community programs.

Most Recent Award

Atlantic Business Magazine: Top 50 CEO Award 2020

Since 1999, Atlantic Business Magazine has dedicated one of its six issues per year to profiling Atlantic Canada’s most accomplished business leaders. Our intention is to give a worthy individual the recognition he/she deserves as well as to use their example to inspire other companies and business leaders to achieve similar success.

We are a diverse and ambitious group of individuals who share a passion for a cleaner and greener environment and a more prosperous future for generations to come.

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Solar Projects

School Solar Proposal

Naveco Power was involved in a solar proposal for a school in southern New Brunswick.

Capacity: 100-200 kw

Municipal Feasibility Study

Naveco Power was involved in a solar feasibility study in southern New Brunswick.

Capacity: 100 kw

Commercial Office Building

Naveco Power was involved in a solar proposal for a commercial office building.

Capacity: 50 kw

Naveco has completed one of it biggest solar projects at Picaroons Brewing Company.

System Size: 84.2 KW

Installation Type: Roof

Emissions Eliminated: 26.7 tonnes  of CO2 emissions annually

Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Solar energy can reduce your carbon footprint. If your business cut greenhouse gas emissions by just 30 tonnes, that's like removing 6.5 cars off the road.

Turn-Key Package

Naveco takes care of the work. From the initial assessment to providing operations and maintenance for the solar system.

Reduce your carbon footprint while receiving guaranteed savings for your business.

Other renewable energy initiatives

Aside from providing accessible solutions to solar energy, Naveco continues to be a part of other renewable energy initiatives, both large and small.

Wind Energy

Naveco is the first and only utility-scale developer in New Brunswick. We have been involved in the development of wind farm proposals since 2016, ranging from 10 megawatts to over 100 megawatts. Our current development is a $40 million wind farm.

Building Retrofits

Naveco's first project was an energy-efficient retrofit of a 65,000 square foot office building. The retrofit cut energy consumption in half and reduced CO2 emissions by 175 tonnes. That is equivalent to removing 37 cars off the road. Next step is solar installation coming in 2021.

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